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Message dated: 04th May 2016

Closing comments and CPD certificates are available for case 1602.

There will be some disruption to the Digital Morphology scheme over the next few days starting on the 9th May whilst the re-registration process for Laboratory Manager accounts takes place and an administration software update is installed. All participants will receive email notifications as usual when the next case is ready for release.

Case Target case release* Target closing date*
1503 OPENED 01/05/15 5pm 04/06/15
1504 OPENED 27/07/15 5pm 21/08/15
1505 OPENED 24/09/15 5pm 16/10/15
1506 OPENED 03/12/15 5pm 04/01/16
1601 January 2016 5pm 18/03/16
1602 March 2016 5pm 18/04/16
*This date may vary by a few days.

UK NEQAS (H) does not activate participants' licences or allocate purchased licences to specific individuals, but can provide support in explaining how the procedure is carried out.

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Key to message priorities:

Remember: Do not close decision trees when making observations.

Tip: The New User Handbook and New Features document will be included with each case distribution from now on.
Please take a few minutes to read these two important documents.

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